Trocknung von Tierfutter

The number of domestic animals is increasing more and more. The quantity of farm animals has also grown steadily in recent decades due to the increased demand for meat-based foods. A trend reversal is not expected in either case. Therefore, new concepts for the animal feed industry are necessary to meet the. Because as the number of animals continues to grow, so does the demand for animal feed.

Fricke and Mallah as a specialist for microwave drying systems has developed and built numerous solutions for the animal feed industry. This allows us to benefit from our years of experience in drying various media.

Hay for rodents

Hay for rodentsHay is a key ingredient in small animal nutrition. In contrast to the production of hay for farm animals, which is almost exclusively done by soil drying, hay for rodents is produced in an industrial environment. In order to provide pets with the most varied and species-appropriate feed possible, new concepts and forms of feed are constantly being developed. In order to dry these new and different products, we have developed an innovative microwave continuous dryer for selective and fast drying of plant-based pet food. This can be used flexibly for different lying or hanging products due to its modular design.



Fish food from insects

Fish food from insectsMealworms and the black soldier fly are an important ingredient for fish and animal feed production. Due to their high protein content and comparatively uncomplicated breeding, these insects are predestined for sustainable feed concepts. Due to the much more efficient production compared to soy products, they contribute to the preservation of our ecosystems. Only the energy-optimized drying of the product was an unsolved problem so far, which was considerably accelerated by a tunnel plant. The customer was thus helped to open up completely new production possibilities. This paves the way for another ecological and cost-effective alternative to conventional fish and feed production.



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Product examples:

Microwave tunnel for drying animal feed

Microwave tunnel for drying animal feed

  • Application: Continuous microwave dryer for selective and fast drying of 17 different types of vegetarian pet food
  • Microwave power: 24 kW
  • Effective length: 5000 mm
  • Effective width: 400 mm
  • Effective height: 320 mm
  • Total length: 11200 mm
  • Total height: 2400 mm
  • Total width: 800 mm

Continuous microwave dryer for gently drying insects such as black soldier flies

Continuous microwave dryer for gently drying insects such as black soldier flies

  • Application:Gentle drying of insects such as black soldier flies or mealworms
  • Microwave power: 40 kW
  • Useful length: 5350 mm
  • Useful width: 330 mm
  • Useful height: 120 mm
  • Total length: approx. 10150 mm
  • Total width: approx. 1700 mm