We supply the microwave measurement technology for your microwave applications, in order to optimally control the microwave generators:

  • Power detector with monitor
  • Power detector with interface to PLC
  • Directional coupler to indicate incident and reflected power
  • Microwave Radiation Meters to find microwave leakages

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Product examples:



The Power Detectors FM-PD2CH and FM-PD1CH are designed for industrial drying and heating application as well as for researchers in laboratory application. The Power Detectors allows numerical and graphical display of forward and reflected RF power to monitor the process.

A storage and export of the process data is possible. An analog output exists for monitor the forward and reflected RF power in combination with a programmable logic controller unit. The frequency correction can be set manually or optionally with a frequency counter in a range from 2400 MHz to 2500 MHz or 900 MHz to 930 MHz.

2-chanel Power Detector

2-chanel Power Detector

1-chanel Power Detector

1-chanel Power Detector

Measurement System

Measurement System

Directional Coupler FM - WR340/N(f)

Directional Coupler WR340/N(f) and WR975/N(f)

The directional couplers WR340/N(f) and WR975/N(f) allow monitoring forward and reflected power in a waveguide transmission system.

Both versions are equipped with standard N(f) connectors at the sidearm. Allowing the connection of standard power meters or spectrum analyzers.



Leakage tester

Leakage test devices FM-LTFG and FM-LTG

The modern leakage test devices FM-LTFG (for 915 MHz and 2450 MHz), FM-LTG (for 2450 MHz) and FM-LTF (for 915 MHz) are the ideal tools for finding microwave fields. Their ease of use provides confidence in dealing with microwave sources.

The heart is a microcontroller that digitally samples the measurement signal to acquire the effective value of the power density.