Produkte für die Holzindustrie

One of our most important target industries is mechanical engineering companies in the woodworking industry.

Microwave systems are used to preheat wood before veneering and for drying of wood products like chipboard, OSB, MDF and LVL boards. The wood is heated and dried in a high-frequency alternating electric field. 

The heating process is largely dependent on the dielectric properties of the wood pulp, which vary particularly with changes in humidity. 

The main advantages of microwaves are rapid heating and the occurrence of temperature and humidity gradients, which counteract the shuttering and accelerate drying.

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Product examples:

Preheating system

Preheating system

The mat preheating plant for the production of particleboard, MDF, OSB and LVL boards. It is used before the press and enables a homogeneous heating of the entire mat. Due to the increased mat temperature, the dwell time in the press can be shortened, thus increasing the production capacity.


  • Optimum mat preheating through heat generation inside the mat
  • Increase in production capacity by up to 30%
  • Highest reliability by using 6 kW standard magnetrons
  • No supply of moisture into the mat
  • Width adjustment by switching magnetrons on and off
  • Low downtime and maintenance times
Continuous microwave heating plant for homogeneous preheating of wood materials

Continuous microwave heating plant for homogeneous preheating of wood materials

  • Application: Preheating of wood fibre (MDF)
  • Microwave power: 720 kW
  • effective length: 5500 mm
  • effective width: 2750 mm
  • Useful height 16 mm
  • total length: 21000 mm
  • total width: 3000 mm