Produkte für die Medizintechnik

Microwaves have become indispensable in medical technology. Microwave technology has established itself in drying processes of filters and pharmaceutical products as well as in the microwave treatment of cancer cells. Fricke und Mallah provides innovative solutions here.



Drying of dialyses filter

Fricke and Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH developed a completely new and highly innovative drying process for different products in the field of filtration by means of microwaves in a joint cooperation with an automation specialist. A patent application has been filed for this drying process.

The process was specially developed for the absolutely uniform and reproducible drying of dialysis filters and filter cartridges under vacuum atmosphere. In our new developed process, the microwaves are generated by Solid State microwave generators and not by magnetron. The effective and gentle drying of the filters is achieved through the time-optimized use of power without damaging the semi-permeable membrane made of polyurethane.

The whole application is designed high modular. This means that the simple and trouble-free upscaling to any throughput is absolutely linear. The drying application can be used either manually or fully automatically via robot.


Freeze Microwave Drying of Medicines

Fricke and Mallah have acquired a recognised expertise in freeze microwave drying. Shorter drying times for thermally sensitive products like medicines require the use of microwave technology under vacuum atmosphere. In this process, the ice crystals sublimate directly into the gaseous state without the intermediate appearance of a liquid phase. We have developed a new high innovative process based on Solid State Microwave Technology without any arcing in typical vacuum atmosphere conditions for freeze drying. 

Ablation Technology

In the field of ablation, the rapid development of microwave technology has now established itself and treatment methods for many diseases are becoming increasingly controllable. Fricke and Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH offers a robust and reliable microwave source for this purpose. The new Solid State Generator with 500 W and 2450 MHz can be continuously regulated from 20-500 W. This makes it ideally suited for use in ablation devices.


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