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Without a generator no microwave system will operate. This is similar for household appliances and complex systems for industry and research, but the configuration is more extensive.

We consult our customers which generator is the optimal solution. Fricke und Mallah is the competent expert for the right solution. Therefore, we always recommend the right generator - designed for the product to be heated.

With modern semiconductor RF technology, more precise and uniform results can be achieved. Our semiconductor generators generate continuous waves at frequencies between 2400 MHz and 2500 MHz as well as 900 MHz and 930 MHz. They are the most advanced tool for industrial and scientific applications.

For our magnetron technology, we have developed high and low ripple Switch Mode Power Supplies that maintain the ideal operating point. This leads to a high efficiency and longer lifetime of the microwave generators. As a low-cost but robust alternative, we supply power supplies such as the phase-angle controlled series PH-GEN or the LC-stabilized series LC-GEN.

In our magnetron heads the filament transformer, temperature switch, isolator and/or isolauncher are combined in one compact housing. Of course, the top-class magnetron is also integrated in this in numerous versions for high-frequency applications.

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