The heat treatment of food - drying, heating and sterilizing - is our core competence. We have optimized numerous production lines for food with our know-how in the microwave process.

The advantages of microwave technology are obvious: significantly shorter heating times and therefore optimized production processes, fewer interruptions, energy efficiency through direct irradiation of the product, smooth treatment and improved food appearance.


Pasteurization and sterilization of convenience foods

The conservative method provides for sterilisation after closing the trays by heating to 120 degrees in a water bath and for cooled convenience foods to pasteurise at around 98 degrees. This kills harmful bacteria in the food. However, this process has the disadvantage that it is time-consuming and important nutrients are lost. For the pasteurization of ready meal trays the perforation of the film and the use of a check valve were essential so far to avoid bursting of the trays due to the overpressure.



The innovative and groundbreaking COSTPANO® process marks the beginning of a new era in the heat treatment of foods using microwaves. The worldwide patented COSTPANO® process eliminates the overpressure in the tray, eliminating the need for both the hole and the valve in the sealing foil.

In addition, COSTPANO® sets up very homogeneous temperature fields in the trays or application rooms with a time-linear increase, which enables energy-saving, gentle and aromatic cooking.


Key Features
With this heating method, the overpressure in the menu tray is avoided, which excludes the danger of explosions and deformations of the menu trays.

  • No hole or valve required
  • No steam escapes, which saves a considerable amount of energy
  • No odour formation
  • No addition of water during cooking results in aromatic cooking
  • Substantial increased homogeneity
  • Linear temperature increase, enabling easily processing (automatic temperature control)
  • 2D selectivity: Different heating rates per tray cavity
  • International Patent and Registered Trademark - only available at Fricke und Mallah
  • Certified process by internationally respected research institute in the field of food technology
  • COSTPANO® is the only system suitable for the pasteurisation of new sustainable packaging types made of cardboard or organic material



Freeze microwave drying 

Freeze Microwave Drying of Food 

Fricke and Mallah have acquired a recognised expertise in freeze microwave drying. Shorter drying times for thermally sensitive products like food require the use of microwave technology under vacuum atmosphere. In this process, the ice crystals sublimate directly into the gaseous state without the intermediate appearance of a liquid phase. We have developed a new high innovative process based on Solid State Microwave Technology without any arcing in typical vacuum atmosphere conditions for freeze drying.



Industrial baking of bread

Microwave ovens are excellently suited and established for baking crustless bread. Microwaves cook the dough from the inside to the outside and thus ensure a uniform appearance of the inner structure (porosity). In combination with hot air or infrared heaters in hybrid systems, temperatures are maintained in the heating chamber to produce a crust. In this way, we combine the advantages of both processes to create an optimal solution.

Sterilisation of spices

Spices run the risk of being contaminated with germs during transport or storage. Conventional thermal processes lead to taste changes. The spices are treated mildly by microwaves and increase both quality and efficiency.

Drying of fruits

Drying fruit in the sun or in warm air dryers is a lengthy process that is carried out at a relatively low temperature. Microwave drying leads to comparable results with significantly shorter processing times. In addition, the product is disinfected and thus improves the quality of the dried fruit.


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Product examples:

Modular microwave tunnel for homogeneous pasteurisation of packed mussels

Modular microwave tunnel for homogeneous pasteurisation of packed mussels

  • Application: Pasteurisation of packed mussels
  • Hygienic design
  • Microwave power: 180 kW
  • Effective length: 6000 mm
  • Effective width: 1200 mm
  • Useful height 80 mm
  • Total length: 13000 mm
  • Total width: 3000 mm
  • Total height: 2800 mm
Chamber oven 10 kW / 915 MHz

Chamber oven 10 kW / 915 MHz

  • Application: Heat treatment of various food products
  • Microwave power: Solid state generators 10 kW / 915 MHz, infinitely variable power setting
  • Chamber width: 620 mm
  • Chamber depth: 1680 mm
  • Chamber height: 420 mm
  • Total width: 2000 mm
  • Total depth: 2200 mm
  • Total height: 2500 mm
Microwave pasteurization tunnel for homogeneous, selective and gentle heat treatment of ready meals

Microwave pasteurization tunnel for homogeneous, selective and gentle heat treatment of ready meals

  • Microwave power: 108 kW
  • Effective length: 9000 mm
  • Effective width: 1400 mm
  • Useful height up to 50 mm
  • Total length: 14000 mm
  • Total width: 2350 mm
  • Total height: 4400 mm
Modular microwave tunnel for homogeneous pasteurisation of packed meat products

Modular microwave tunnel for homogeneous pasteurisation of packed meat products

  • Application: Pasteurisation of packed meat products
  • Hygienic design
  • Microwave power: 110 kW
  • Effective length: 9280 mm
  • Effective width: 1200 mm
  • Useful height 130 mm
  • Total length: 15000 mm
  • Total width: 3000 mm