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Our expertise in building complex microwave systems has enabled many projects in the chemical industry.

Homogeneous heating without the formation of cold and superheated spots and optimized energy input are just some of the advantages of microwave technology. The reactions in the microwave field are faster than in conventionally heated systems. Many syntheses have thus been improved or made possible. Therefore, microwave technology has established itself in this industry.

Due to the use of modern semiconductor-based generators, our systems are optimal for automated, sequential operation and are easy to handle.


The wide range of applications for microwave equipment includes in particular the rubber and plastics industries, where bipolar blends provide excellent heating of the product. 

Production of rubber profiles

During the continuous vulcanization of rubber (elastomers) during the production of rubber profiles, the product is extruded directly into the vulcanization line. This is done by hot air channels, salt baths or microwaves.

Ultra-high-frequency (UHF) vulcanization systems achieve heating of the material as quickly as possible. The elastomer absorbs the microwaves, converts them into heat and vulcanizes them. This process is faster and achieves better results because the rubber profile vulcanizes more directly and homogeneously.

Recycling of plastics

Microwave technology improves energy and resource efficiency in recycling processes for polyamides and polyurethanes - both in the use of industrial and post-consumer waste.

Accelerated chemical recycling processes, supported by microwaves and intelligent magnetic catalysts, is a way to recover plastic monomers and valuable fillers (carbon or glass fibers). This contributes to compliance with recycling quotas and saves costs and resources.

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Product examples:

Hybrid Chamber oven 24 kW / 2.45 GHz

Hybrid Chamber oven 24 kW / 2.45 GHz, based on Magnetron Technology

  • Application: Heating of plastics and silicone moulds
  • Microwave power: 24 kW / 2.45 GHz, infinitely variable power setting
  • Circulating air heating up to 160° C
  • Chamber width: 1200 mm
  • Chamber depth: 1200 mm
  • Chamber height: 800 mm
  • Total width: 2200 mm
  • Total depth: 2000 mm
  • Total height: 2600 mm