COSTPANO Pasteurization Process
COSTPANO Pasteurization Process

The innovative and groundbreaking COSTPANO® process marks the beginning of a new era in the heat treatment of foods using microwaves. The worldwide patented COSTPANO® process eliminates the overpressure in the tray, eliminating the need for both the hole and the valve in the sealing foil.

In addition, COSTPANO® sets up very homogeneous temperature fields in the trays or application rooms with a time-linear increase, which enables energy-saving, gentle and aromatic cooking.


Key Features
With this heating method, the overpressure in the menu tray is avoided, which excludes the danger of explosions and deformations of the menu trays.

  • No hole or valve required
  • No steam escapes, which saves a considerable amount of energy
  • No odour formation
  • No addition of water during cooking results in aromatic cooking
  • Substantial increased homogeneity
  • Linear temperature increase, enabling easily processing (automatic temperature control)
  • 2D selectivity: Different heating rates per tray cavity
  • International Patent and Registered Trademark - only available at Fricke und Mallah
  • Certified process by internationally respected research institute in the field of food technology
  • COSTPANO® is the only system suitable for the pasteurisation of new sustainable packaging types made of cardboard or organic material