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Our motto We speed up your drying and heating process has been our core task since the company was founded. Understanding and accelerating the drying and heating process in order to enable the most efficient production at our customers is our daily practice.

Dr.-Ing. Dirk-H. Fricke and Dipl.-Ing. Marcel Mallah studied electrical engineering with a focus on high frequency technology and subsequently gained experience in the scientific and industrial environment.

They used this experience when they decided to found Fricke und Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH in 1995. Since then Fricke and Mallah has established itself as a reliable partner for industry and research.

We have already built high-quality microwave systems with microwave power up to 1 MW for the wood, ceramics, plastics and food industry. This also includes microwave heating systems where the microwave heating chamber can be lifted completely electrically to allow 100% accessibility for cleaning and maintenance. The used microwave generators and antennas with up to 20 kW individual power are from our own production. Further activities include the development of power electronics and microwave specific measurement technology.

In our professional department for depth modelling of electromagnetic and temperature fields 7 high frequency engineers work mainly with the software CST® and COMSOL®, in order to bring customer and research projects to success with well-founded and realistic simulations. These complement our very effective and innovative mechanical and electrical design departments.

A microwave measuring station, an EMC chamber and numerous microwave laboratory ovens and temperature measuring devices are available for preliminary investigations and development tasks. There is also a close contact to the Institute for Electrothermal Process Engineering at the University of Hannover, which is intensively involved in the simulation of thermal and electromagnetic fields.

Meanwhile we are one of the world's leading manufacturers of microwave generators and systems (heating and plasma systems) based on solid-state microwave technology. At present we produce and offer microwave generators based on solid state microwave technology in the power range 250 W - 6 kW and the frequency ranges 915 and 2450 MHz. Our Solid State Microwave Generators are equipped with special technical intelligence for automatic and very fast power adjustment and homogeneous field distribution. These generators can be combined with compact RF combiners, which allow the generation of higher microwave power at a single connection. The Solid State Microwave Generators have an automatic electronic power adjustment (no more mechanical 3-Stub-Tuner necessary!), which is done in less than a few milliseconds.

In the field of magnetron technology, Fricke und Mallah not only supplies customized configured magnetron heads in compact housings but also individual microwave components (waveguides, tuning elements such as manual and motorized 3-stub tuners, isolators, etc.) and the appropriate power supply. Our Low Ripple Switch Mode Power Supplies in 2 kW / 2.45 GHz, 3 kW / 2.45 GHz, 6 kW / 2.45 GHz and 5 kW / 915 MHz are optimally suited for monitoring and controlling all important magnetron operating parameters such as high voltage and current. This ensures that the magnetron always operates at the ideal operating point (longer lifetime).

In 2016, the production area was increased by 1,250m² in the course of a building extension. The office complex comprises 1,200m² on 3 floors. The technical extensions include the complete crane system of the production hall as well as an electrical supply up to 1 Mega Watt. Thus microwave systems with installed power up to 600 kW can be tested in continuous operation.

Fricke und Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH is focusing on healthy growth and with its 40 highly qualified and motivated employees is one of the leading German suppliers of microwave ovens for industry and public research.