Microwave chamber ovens for drying and heating are used in science as well as in industrial applications. These space-saving systems enable energy-efficient use when drying and heating ceramics, food or plastics.

These systems are particularly popular because they are less expensive. Special coupling systems ensure a homogeneous distribution of the microwaves so that the product is heated evenly. The vapours and gases produced during the heating process are removed by an exhaust air system.

Depending on the products to be heated and the energy requirement, our designers design the appropriate chamber systems, designed for efficient use under operating conditions. To deliver equipment that is both cost effective and reliable, we use proven components. All components have been extensively tested and have proven themselves in our customers' daily work. This enables us to draw on a wealth of experience for new systems, which guarantees consistently high quality.

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Product examples:

Microwave laboratory dryer 24 kW / 2440...2470 MHz

Microwave chamber oven 24 kW / 2440...2470 MHz

  • Application: Research microwave oven for homogeneous drying of various products with minimal pressure losses across the microwave chamber. The device is suitable for all drying and heating processes under different atmospheres.
  • Microwave power 24 kW / 2440...2470 MHz
  • Chamber dimensions (WxHxD): 800 x 800 x 1000 mm
  • Overall dimensions (WxHxD): 2020 x 2885 x 3180 mm
  • Various optional configurations possible, such as additional frequencies, sophisticated measurement technology, etc.
Microwave Chamber Dryer 36 kW / 2445...2475 MHz & 10 kW / 910...920 MHz

Microwave Chamber Dryer 36 kW / 2445...2475 MHz & 10 kW / 910...920 MHz

  • Application: Microwave chamber dryer for homogeneous drying of various refractory
  • Microwave power 36 kW / 2445...2475 MHz & 10 kW / 910...920 MHz
  • Chamber dimensions(WxDxH):
    1200 x 1200 x 900 mm
  • Overall dimensions (WxDxH):
    2200 x 3700 x 3600 mm
  • Movable frequency controlled roller conveyor, usable dimensions 1500x2000 mm, loads up to 2000 kg
  • Heating of refractories up to 400° C in just 3 hours
  • Humidity measurement up to 250° C
Chamber oven 10 kW / 915 MHz, Solid State Microwave Technology

Chamber oven 10 kW / 915 MHz, Solid State Microwave Technology

  • Application: Heating of various food
  • Solid State Generators 10 kW / 900...930 MHz, stepless adjustable power and frequency
  • Chamber dimensions(WxDxH): 620 x 1680 x 420 mm
  • Overall dimensions (WxDxH): 2000 x 2200 x 2500 mm
Hybrid chamber oven 24 kW / 2.45 GHz

Hybrid chamber oven 24 kW / 2.45 GHz

  • Application: Heating of plastics and silicone moulds
  • Microwave power: 24 kW / 2.45 GHz, stepless adjustable power setting
  • Circulating air heating up to 175° C
  • Chamber dimensions (WxDxH): 1200 x 1200 x 800 mm
  • Overall dimensions (WxDxH): 2200 x 2000 x 2600 mm
Chamber oven MKO

Chamber oven MKO

The chamber oven MKO is a universal and economical microwave oven for the heat treatment of microwave absorbing materials. Many applications can be found in the foundry, ceramic, plastic and food industry. The inside dimensions of the chamber are W 850 x D 1400 x H 800 mm. Two drawers make the loading of the chamber very easy. The microwave power of 24 kW total is continuously adjustable. Due to the special microwave coupling system the microwave field distribution inside the chamber is very homogeneous. A two-hand system guarantees a safe operation of the oven. The oven is also equipped with an air ventilating system to remove steam and gases during the heating process. Special customer requirements and modifications are possible and no problem.

Micowave Chamber Furnace MKO 14 x 0,85 kW/1

Micowave Chamber Furnace MKO 14 x 0,85 kW/1

  • Useful chamber dimensions: Width = 1260 mm, Height = 1100 mm, Depth = 1500 mm
  • Microwave power: approx. 12 kW
  • Wide application field is the foundry industry: drying and degassing of cors, curing of shell cores
  • Delivery of automation systems enabling integration in automatic process lines
  • Intelligent microwave coupling systems produce the right microwave fields inside the chamber which are completely adapted to the cores and to the production process. The main results are:
  • no hotspots, lower energy consumption and plant costs as well as longer life time of the magnetrons in comparison with the conventional microwave technology