Solid State Microwave Generators (SSMWG) can be precisely controlled and do not exhibit the aging induced power losses that can occur with magnetrons. They are the most advanced tool for industrial and scientific applications.

The advantages of the SSMWG are obvious. On the one hand, a magnetron is no longer required, which has to be operated with a high voltage, and on the other hand, the frequency of the SSMWG can be changed, which makes it possible to achieve homogenization of the electric field strength, for example in a chamber. Furthermore, the SSMWG can independently monitor the returning power and automatically search for the frequency with the lowest returning power.

Depending on the frequency, the SSMWG has an output power of 0-500W or 0-1000W, which it can emit in 2 different modes:

In Continuous Wave (CW) mode, the output power is delivered continuously and can be precisely adjusted in 1W steps to the desired value. This allows products to be heated reproducibly, for example to a desired temperature.

In pulse mode (Trigger), the output power is not continuously delivered. The setting of the pulse duration as well as the duty cycle offer many possibilities for use in different processes, such as the generation of plasma. The fully automatic operation is controlled by real-time device monitoring with a user-friendly control panel.

The SSMWGs work perfectly with a water cooling system, ensuring reliable 24/7 operation.

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Product examples:

Solid State RF Generator

Solid State Microwave Generator

Our new solid state RF generators with 500 Watt / 2400-2500 MHz or 1000 Watt / 900-930 MHz are designed for industrial heating and plasma processes. We offer them in compact and robust housings with highly efficient water cooling. With these innovative generators frequency changes with power adjustment for stable processes are no problem.

Solid State Microwave Generator 500 W

Solid State Microwave Generator 500 W in a 19" rack

FM - SSMWG - 500W 2450 MHz Microwave Generators from Fricke und Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH are compact, lightweight and highly reliable solid state microwave generators that provide a continuous wave at frequencies between 2400 MHz and 2500 MHz.

  • Compact lightweight construction: 19" 4HE rack
  • Output power 0- 500W, adjustable in 0.2W steps
  • Output frequency 2400-2500 MHz, adjustable in 1 MHz steps
  • Real-time measurement of reflected power and frequency
  • Flexible coaxial cable with low attenuation to improve high power efficiency
  • AC input 230 VAC; 50/60 Hz
  • Efficiency of up to 60%.