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Hybrid ovens

Combined Microwave / Gas Drier
Hybridkammerofen Mikrowelle + Gas

Combined Microwave / Gas Drier

  • Useful chamber dimensions:
    Width = 1000 mm
    Height = 1000 mm
    Depth = 1000 mm
  • Microwave power: approx. 15.5 kW
  • Recirculating Hot Air System: Gas fired burner 150 kW
  • Turntable with integrated weighting scale, PLC-Control
Universal Hybrid Oven Microwave/Air Drier
Universeller Hybrid-Wärmeofen Mikrowelle mit Luftumwälzung

Universal Hybrid Oven Microwave/Air Drier

Microwave Power: 2,2 kW stepless adjustable
Recirculating Hot Air System: 5 kW/max. 200 ºC with temperature measurement and controller

Microwave Hybrid Chamber Dryer
Universeller Hybrid-Wärmeofen Mikrowelle mit Luftumwälzung

Microwave Hybrid Chamber Dryer
for example drying of ceramics, casting cores, grinding wheels, high voltage isolators etc.

Outside dimensions:
Width ca. 2500 mm
Depth ca. 2900 mm
Height ca. 3100 mm

Inside Chamber dimensions:
Width ca. 2200 mm
Depth ca. 1800 mm
Height ca. 1900 mm
Microwave power: 56 kW

Hot air: 45 kW/max. 250 ºC

Sintering oven FMO 8/3 kW
Sinterofen FMO 8/3 kW

The sintering oven FMO 8/3 kW uses a combination of a 8 kW resistive heating and a 3 kW microwave heating. The microwaves increase the heating rate during the sintering time and improve the mechanical characteristics of the products. The oven is very suitable for sintering ceramics with a small volume up to 1350 degrees.

Firing oven LH 60 MW
Brennofen LH 60 MW

The firing oven LH 60 MW is equipped with a conventional resistive heating of 8 kW and a microwave heating of 1.1 kW. It was developed for the fast drying and firing of ceramics. The microwaves decrease the drying time down to less than 95%.

laboratory oven FMG 1100 R
Laborofen FMG 1100 R

The laboratory oven FMG 1100 R uses 1,1 kW microwave power and was developed for the heat treatment of plastic probes in a hot nitrogen stream. The nitrogen is heated up by an integrated fan with 500 W heating power.